How Can I Decorate Dorm Room on Student Budget?

How Can I Decorate Dorm Room on Student Budget?

Regina Yunghans
Sep 6, 2012

Q: I'm a student in the UK, and I'll soon be moving into my college dorm, which will be my home for the next 10 months. I really want to decorate the room so that it feels like home and a place where I enjoy being and can work well.

I don't have the precise dimensions of the room so I've estimated from memory. I have to get permission in order to remove or add any furniture, but could I move the furniture to make better use of the space? The sink and mirror above are fixed, as is the large pin board on the wall next to it. Next to the sink is a chest of drawers and two wardrobes, the first of which partially covers the pin board. Opposite the door is a window with a radiator to either side and a desk in front of it and an office chair.

The circle in the middle of the room on the diagram represents a pendant ceiling light. Next to the bed there is a bedside table and another chest of drawers, and at the foot of the bed there is an easy chair and some high shelves above. There is a faded red carpet and some checked red, green and yellow curtains at the window which I am unfortunately not allowed to remove. Also, I'm not allowed to paint the neutral cream-ish walls.

I'd be very grateful for any bright ideas that people might come up with! I'd really like my room to look great — as long as I can put it back how I found it when I leave.

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