How Can I Hide Horrible Texture on Focal Wall?

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Q: Forget popcorn ceilings. Somewhere along the way in my rental, someone decided to texture up the wall inside some of the molding. And it's not low-key either... in most places it's at least 1/8" peaks, with some bordering on 1/4". Though it's a rental, we can pretty much do what we want short of gut renovating. But because it's a rental, we also don't want to spend a fortune because, well, it's a rental:

We tried power sanding it. And got nowhere. We're not sure what the stuff is made of, but it's like cement. It might be cement. Cement over plaster. We gave up after an hour when we made zero progress. We did this on another wall where someone prior to us had also obviously tried and gave up halfway up the wall. We mocked their giving up, until we also gave up. That wall is now hidden behind a bookshelf. The wall is like 10' x 10' of this awful texture. We considered having it skim coated, but are not sure if it would work on something so deep and also, it would make the height of it much higher than the molding or surrounding wall.

All ideas will be considered! DIY is preferred, but we're open to other options. I've been pondering it forever and can't come up with something clever that's not horrendously expensive (expensive is easy!) or where the texture doesn't poke through.

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