How Can I Preserve & Display a Vintage Map?

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Q: I'm calling on the collective wisdom of the Apartment Therapy community for this one. I just found a lovely, large (4'x6'!) vintage school map (photo gallery below) that I wish to display in my home. It's an agricultural map of Belgium, written in French, and the woman from whom I bought it guessed it as being from the 20s-30s. It's in generally good shape, but as you can see, there are areas that are tattered, and I want to prevent further deterioration.

It is made of thin paper adhered to either linen or cotton fabric and the rods on the top and bottom are wooden. How do I preserve this piece of history/art while still displaying it? Thanks for your thoughts!

Sent by Carrie

Editor: Can anyone share any display or preservation advice with Carrie? Let us know in the comments - thanks!

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