How Can I Save This Ugly, Beat-Up Couch That I Love?

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Q: I know it looks terrible, but I love this couch. I got it in college at a flea market, and back then it was in pristine condition. Many years later, it probably needs to be put out to pasture, but I'd really like to save it. Someday I'd like to replace the foam and reupholster it in aqua cotton velvet without the skirt so its mid-century legs show. For now though, is there a quicker fix? 

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I still have the missing buttons, and a professional cleaning is in order. I tried to put fiber fill in the bottom cushions and just made it look a lot worse (which is why they're all warped-looking). The fabric isn't really my favorite, but the color is definitely my favorite. Is there anything else I can do to make it look less sad, short of new upholstery?

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