Exterior Ideas to Help De-Gingerbread My House?

Exterior Ideas to Help De-Gingerbread My House?

Regina Yunghans
Sep 11, 2012

Q: We are going to paint the outside of our house. I am SO eager to update it but I'm paralyzed because I'm having a hard time choosing paint colors for the trim, siding and porch (which is concrete). As much as I'd like to, removing the scallops is not an option. We would have to replace all of the trim and we are not going to be in this house long enough to justify the expense/labor.

We have thought about painting the brick, but again, decided it wouldn't be worth it given the amount of time we'll be spending in the house. We also live in a traditional/established neighborhood and it might set our neighbors off. We are thinking about getting some sort of railing to define the porch, so any thoughts on that would be great:

I should note that I intensly dislike the gingerbread house look of the current trim (so much that it almost kept us from buying the house) and am generally not a fan of brown on houses. My husband has requested that we get navy blue shutters. He rarely has an opinion on things house related, so if I can, I'd like to give him what he wants. :)

Since these pictures were taken we have removed the satellite dish, repaired the streakiness on the roof, replaced some windows, and finished landscaping the backyard. I've also added some flower pots and furniture to the front porch (these chairs and a white garden stool (neither of these have to be permanent)). Thanks in advance!

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