Paint Color & Shower Curtain Suggestions for Classic '50s Bathroom?

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Q: My husband and I just purchased a wonderful little ranch in Connecticut. It was built in 1954, and the bathroom is original. I love the style of classic 1950s bathrooms, but did mine have to be beige?!? The previous owners had painted the walls and the under-the-sink cabinet this weird pink/mauve color — I'm assuming they did this to match the shell curtains they were so nice to leave for us (blech!) We have a limited budget. How much can we accomplish with just paint and a new shower curtain? What color would look good on the wall that will match the beige and black tiles?

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Editor: For a little inspiration, here's a post from our archives about making old school tile work in the bathroom. Readers, leave your suggestions for Irmie in the comments - thanks!

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