How Can You Not Love Copper Housewares?

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I have been craving everything copper these last few weeks. My copper obsession first started with the Mauviel copper saucepans and then I found the copper pendant lighting. I am so used to seeing chrome as the metal finish of choice that I am enjoying the break from the norm.

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I am thinking of replacing my stainless cookware with a whole new set of copper cookware. I read that copper cookware heats up and cools down faster than stainless steel. I also read that copper is an excellent heat conductor. Can anyone attest to this? I would love to get some feedback before I go out on a limb and purchase the whole set.

1: Grid Vase Cylindrical: YLiving $550
2: Mauviel M'Heritage 150 Copper 5-Piece Set: Sur La Table $649
3: Ruffoni Copper Cookware Set: Anthropologie $1098
4: A-Shades A3: Matter $930
5: Copper Shade Pendant: YLighting $550
6: Solid Brass & Copper Nautical Oil "Anchor Lamp": Garrett Wade $189

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