How Chinese Take-Out Will Help You Clean Your Computer

What's the hardest thing in your home to clean? Your computer? Between the keyboard? Those thin vents on the back of your TV? Tech has plenty of intricate little parts—and each of them needs a good, thorough cleaning to keep the enemy (dust) away. But don't throw your money into uni-tasking gadget clean devices just yet. Instead, chow down on a little Chinese takeout.

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Yes, that's our ridiculously dusty XBox controller. When there's three controllers in a two-person household, one of 'em is bound to be neglected and get a little (OK, a lot) dusty. And boy those joysticks are a pain to clean.

Luckily, we'd made a little Pad Thai the night before, prompting us to grab our plastic chopsticks out from the depths of our kitchen drawers. With a dusty XBox controller in one corner of our open floor plan, and a pair of dirty chopsticks in the kitchen sink at the other, we had an epiphany: Take-out chopsticks are the perfect tool for cleaning out the small nooks and crevices of your tech gear.

Just grab a paper towel or lint-free rag and wrap it around the pointy end of one of your chopsticks, securing it with a small rubber band or hair elastic. Use it to clean gunk from between your keyboard keys, inside tight computer and TV vents, or around the small buttons and controls of a remote or controller.

What a great excuse to treat yourself to take-out tonight!

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(Images: Taryn Fiol)

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