Welcome to Wilsonart Wednesday! We've teamed up with the kitchen experts at Wilsonart to answer our readers' questions about kitchen renovation. We'll be posting the answers on Wilsonart Wednesdays all summer long, so ask your questions here and check back in for the answers!

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Q: I get to have some fun with a cheaply done early-90s kitchen. I would love to get an education in countertop materials. What stains? What is easy to clean? 

- Christy M. 

A:  Choosing a countertop is an exciting endeavor. It can also be daunting. So many looks. So many choices. There are huge differences in price and performances of quartz, granite, marble, solid surface and laminate. Some can take more wear and tear and others need lots of care to keep them looking good. Do your research here and here to determine which materials match your requirements for style, function, and cost. 

There are lots of countertop surface choices out there, but we feel Wilsonart® HD ® High Definition® Laminates offer that perfect combination of design, durability, value and sustainability for today’s real life. 

Good luck!

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