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Q: I'm hoping you can help me. Do you happen to know how to uninstall the Google Drive application from a Mac? I just downloaded it and discovered after using it I don't want or need it. For some reason I CANNOT get rid of it from my machine. Thanks for your help!

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Editor - Unlike Windows-powered machines, Apple's OS X doesn't have an efficient built-in application deletion option. That means trashing an application may get rid of some of the visible parts of an installed application, but you may still discover lingering components on your hard drive, taking up valuable space for something you no longer want/need.

My favorite easy-to-use app uninstaller for OS X is AppCleaner, a free, small size application which hunts out all the components (including Widgets and plug-ins) connected to any given application and removes them. It's a super easy drag and drop affair and you're you're offered a list of all the files for review before they're deleted.

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