How Do I Create an Office-Playroom-Entryway Combo?

How Do I Create an Office-Playroom-Entryway Combo?

Regina Yunghans
Jan 28, 2013

Q: During the 5 years we've lived in our 1800s Victorian fixer-upper, we have converted it from a rental back to a single-family home, and renovated literally every room in the entire house. Whew! This is the last project, and I'm stumped. The bones of them room are new (new hickory flooring, white trim, and opened up stairway — railing still in progress). It has just been a landing pad for furniture from other rooms for so long, that all that remains is a handful of stuff that doesn't really go together, well… at all!

I think my hangup is that the room will have SO many purposes that it's not easy to define. Heck, I don't even know what to call the room! It's the first room inside the front door, so it has to have an entryway "landing strip". The coat closet is in the next room, so *something* near the door is a must. It's also going to serve as the main toy storage and play area for my little lady, Lilia. And lastly, the iMac and desk need to stay in here as well. Not a full-blown office, just a desk and chair:

I was talked into the tan wall color and really hate it. It had an unexpected green undertone, and besides, I'm more of a gray girl. Gray is a crisp, clean neutral and is a good backdrop for color, so I'm 97% sure I'm painting gray in here, and considering one darker gray feature wall with the rest a lighter gray. I also want to paint the front door black. Some of the furniture is new and I'd like to build around those pieces — the Poang chair fabric seems *made* for a play area, I like the red floor lamp, the computer chair is great and neutral, and the distressed ivory desk was a great thrifted find. I'm not married to the other items in the room though!

I am inspired every day on Apartment Therapy, and can't wait to get some perspective in this mish-mash room! Ideas on color combos, shuffling furniture, what to add, what to delete, feature walls, toy storage and entryway solutions, window treatments, etc. would all be greatly appreciated. How do YOU see this room coming together?

Thanks so much!

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