How Do I Furnish This Really Small Room?

How Do I Furnish This Really Small Room?

Regina Yunghans
Jul 30, 2012

Q: This room of mine measures roughly 5ft wide and 7ft long. In this room, a queen size bed occupies around 85% of the space, and is placed close to the wall with the headboard right underneath the window. A closet faces the bed, and a box shelf with sliding glass panels is attached to the upper left wall of the room:

See, this room is actually intended for three people — me and two other siblings, thus the reason for the ginormous bed. Yes, I'm 23 years old, but there are only two bedrooms in our house: the master bedroom and this room, which I share with a 20-year-old boy and a ten-year-old girl. Anyway, the problem is, the bed that I'm talking about is so large that the walking space in this room can only accomodate one person at a time. Also, there is no room for other things — for instance, I'd like to place a study desk and a few more shelves so I can use the room as a study area away from the living room (I'm in law school.) The closet is also not enough to accommodate all the stuff of us three siblings. I'm also hesitant to have a bunk bed in this room due to the height of this room, which is about 6.5 or 7ft.

So how do I furnish this kind of room, given our needs?

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