How Do I Work With Black and Brown?

How Do I Work With Black and Brown?

Gregory Han
Jan 26, 2010

Q: Somewhere along the year I ended up mixing black and brown furniture. Previously, I thought I might be able to work with these colors…well up until now. I'm not getting the feel for them; it looks confused altogether. I want to create a more organic and calm interior. I like the color green and want to try to keep that color. Also, I can't paint the walls. I'm deciding if the only way for this to work would be to completely replace all my black furniture with brown?

But, if that were the choice, I have had a hard time finding furniture to match this specific medium brown furniture. Are there any other colors of wood furniture that I might be able to use that would flow nicely? I do have more black frames over my bed but I took it down to add photos. Also, probably thinking about replacing the standing mirror for a wall mirror? Also, I'm trying to stay within a reasonable budget. Any help from the Apartment Therapy community would be so wonderful as I need some serious help!

Sent by Hoami

Editor - What do you think Heomi needs to rein in her color dilemma?

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