(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

A few years ago, I got obsessed with a paint color featured on the cover of Domino magazine. I bought two cans of it, painted our guest room, and was done. Since then, my process has become increasingly elaborate. So much so that my family doesn't even try to contribute until I'm down to two or three colors. How do you choose a paint color? Gut feeling? Pragmatism? Make an artsy friend pick it out?

My strategy has served me fairly well. First, I gather an obscene amount of paint chips around the color I think I want, as well as a few shades darker and lighter, just in case. Then I tape a selection of the best options to the wall. Over the next few days, I watch the light shift over them, and I slowly remove colors that clearly won't work. Once we're down to two colors, we go purchase actual samples, paint swatches on the wall, and decide. So far, we've done a few rooms this way, and we've continued to love the colors we chose. We've also kept to our decisions, saving ourselves the pain of having to repaint (we know people who have painted entire rooms only to immediately redo them). I'm curious — how do you choose the perfect paint color?

Image: Cambria Bold