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It's book season. Well, every season is book season for me, but there's something about cold weather that really makes curling up with a book a major part of my routine. I sometimes start feeling sad when I'm reaching the end of a good book, and feel a sense of loss while I flounder around looking for my next read. So I thought I'd ask other book lovers out there — how do you decide what to read next?

I spend a lot of time in between books looking up new books to read, and peruse a lot of bestseller lists and reviews while deciding. Lots of times I walk away frustrated, and empty handed! In the past I have wandered around my local library, just picking up titles that caught my eye. But lately, I have taken advantage of the internet to guide my next read, and have been pleasantly surprised at some of the books I've come across (that I probably would have passed up at the library.) Here are a few of my favorite sites to peruse for my next big read — add your recommendations in the comments!

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