How Do You Organize Your Entry?

How Do You Organize Your Entry?

Grace Shu
Jun 19, 2008

While we'd like--no, LOVE--our entryway to look clean, organized, and pristine all the time, we'll settle for just 60% of the time. After all, we find ourselves not knowing where anything is after we clean. So instead of beating ourselves up for leaving piles of magazines and coats by the door, we're embracing it and trying for organized chaos.

[ Photo from Living Etc. ]

Right now, we're creating designated areas for all of our stuff. A vintage coat rack that we found in a secondhand shop on Colorado is at attention by the door and holds coats and dog leashes, and a chipped cakestand keeps our keys and our outgoing mail in a neat stack and constantly in plain sight so we don't forget either.

How do you organize your entry way?

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