How Do You Settle Decor Disputes?

How Do You Settle Decor Disputes?

Kim Lucian
Sep 24, 2012

After almost two years of living alone and having the blissful experience of making every décor decision on my own, it finally happened. My boyfriend and I decided to co-habitate, and our apartments had to merge.

Now, my boyfriend is no slob. In fact, when it comes to domesticity, he puts me to shame — the boy cleans up after himself and man, can he cook. Merging our existing possessions was also none too painful, as he came equipped with Eames chairs, cast iron pots, a set of Japanese knives, and fancy bath towels. Perfect, right?

That's where the fantasy ends. Arranging furniture? War. Buying furniture, well, we never actually get that far. We both have a background in design and our aesthetics really aren't that far off. Sometimes it can be a lot trickier when it comes to a mutual passion than when one's partner is apathetic. Honestly, I'm not sure if we are ever going to agree on this point, and it's ok if we don't. I still love the guy. That said, it would be nice if we could just buy some furniture together. So here's my question to you — how do you settle décor disputes?

(Image: Left: Alan's Colorful, Daring & Dramatic East Austin Home, Right: Samantha & Lindsey's Bright Beach Cottage)

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