How Do You Store/Display Travel Mementos?

Since it's Escapes month here at AT and we have yet to get away, we've been thinking a lot about the keepsakes brought back from past trips. We display mementos throughout our house, like on the vintage industrial shoe rack shown above. What about you?A September 2007 NY Times "Room to Improve" column offered these suggestions:

  • Display photos, stationery, maps, business cards and ticket stubs in "small, similar-looking frames, which allows you to create a pattern of photographs and printed items across a single wall."
  • Take your paper souvenirs and découpage an object.
  • "If you have a mishmash of three-dimensional items like plastic statuettes and snow globes, the best way to create visual impact is to group many examples of one type of object — like vases or masks — or items with similar colors or textures. Display them in a cluster on a tray, table or shelf. The more pieces you add, the bigger the statement."