How Do You Teach Your Kids to Give?

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It's important from an early age to instill a sense of community in our kids — the idea that your actions can affect others in both positive and negative ways is a valuable concept. My question is: what are some creative ways to give back to the community together as a family?

Of course volunteering at local shelters and organizations is the first thing that comes to mind, but that's really only a possibility with older children. When it comes to younger children, I tend to think that modeling helpful behavior can be almost as important as having them participate — if they grow up thinking that when you see trash on the ground, you throw it away, or when you have too many toys, you give some away, it can become just part of their normal mindset. But I'd love to hear your ideas — what are some ways you can create charitable habits in children?

(Image: Lucas Wren's Small, Modern Nursery)

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