How Green? Working from Home
Stephanie Kinnear
Oct 27, 2008
Gas prices and environmental concerns have made working from home an increasingly attractive option for a lot of would-be commuters. But is it always green? We consider the question from a few different angles.

We also take a look at some super colorful, inspiring container houses, a quick green reupholstery fix, and the best ways to ditch your phone book. All the links are after the jump.

Take a look at these 5 incredible (and colorful) container houses. This one (our favorite) is in London. One quick way to get a little greener is to stop those phone books from piling up on your front step. Here's how to do it. Don't get rid of that old, ugly office chair -- reupholster it. It's not too hard. Tracy writes in to ask about grain beetles that have infested her cupboards and her dog food. Readers have some answers.
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