How Low Is Too Low When It Comes To Furniture?

Furniture that feels a bit pint sized in height is all the rage these days. It feels a little more modern and sleek and can sometimes make ordering the right pieces online difficult. Do you really know how it feels to sit on a 27" tall sofa?

Magazines and websites do a fantastic job (as in the lovely photo above from West Elm) dressing a space with low lying sofas to make them look extra appealing. They certainly have their place in small spaces to make tiny rooms feel larger and give them extra height by fooling the eye, but I wonder how comfortable they really are?

Do you own a low sofa? Have a friend who does? Are you getting used to them or wish they would be just a little taller for those with long legs or folks who aren't as spry as they used to be? Sound off in the comments below!

Image: Tillary Modular Seating from West Elm

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