How Many Pillows is Too Many?

How Many Pillows is Too Many?

Kim Lucian
May 13, 2013

I love bedrooms that are well-styled, but I also love the clean simplicity of a bed that looks like it's seriously meant for sleeping in, with cloud-like crisp white bedding and a few downy pillows. 

While I can appreciate the effort, the idea of stacking mounds of stiff decorative pillows that are carefully removed each night and replaced in the morning for fear of mussing them up completely defeats the purpose to me.

My ideal is around five, two standard on each side and one decorative one in the center. I like enough pillows on my bed to build a small fort around myself when I'm sitting up and reading but I don't like so many that they end up being tossed on the floor, forming a mini obstacle course for late night trips to the bathroom.

What's your ideal number?

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