(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Living in a place that has no closets (the only closed storage are the kitchen cabinets) I've been much more aware of how much stuff I use everyday and how much stuff gets used here and there but takes up a lot of space. For instance last year I cut way back on how many holiday decorations I store 11 months of the year and got it down to 1 box. I strive to be a moderate minimalist and am aware of many, many creative storage solutions but cleaning out the tubs I keep along the (out)side of my apartment last week I realized that even with the best intentions and even with regular clear outs, I still have more stuff than can fit into my 450 sq foot apartment. Do you have more stuff than you'd like to admit? Do you keep a storage place separate from where you live (whether it's outside in a parent's attic or a paid storage?

I've already cleaned out a lot of stuff in the last 2 weeks but plan to take another look at how many clothes I keep that I really don't wear, If there's a better way to store my extensive pottery collection and also if I can let go of some of the furniture I've been keeping for someday.