How Much Does My Stuff Weigh?

How Much Does My Stuff Weigh?

Regina Yunghans
May 6, 2013

Q: My husband and I are planning a cross country move this summer and have started comparing options for getting only our bare essentials to the other coast. I've read a lot of helpful articles and comments on this site about moving companies vs. shipping, shipping USPS vs. Amtrack, etc. With most of these options, the cost is based on the total weight of my items, and there's the problem; how the heck do I figure out how much everything weighs? 

We live in a decent-sized one bedroom apartment, and the only furniture we're planning on taking is our bed and a dining room table. As I mentioned, we're planning on paring down to only our good stuff/sentimental items (so we're not taking our set of IKEA dishes, but we will be bringing our nice espresso machine). Anyone have a good formula for estimating how much everything will weigh? Or have personal experience that may be comparable? Thanks!

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