(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Magnate Martha is at it again—does the woman ever rest?!—this time with something new to add to her ever-growing arsenal of Home Depot–exclusive products. They'll be just the kick in the gardener's pants you need to get out and take advantage of the fairer months.

In January, Re-Nest reported on the retailer's line of Martha Stewart Living eco-friendly cleaning products, and now we're excited to watch a new line of gardening tools, uh, grow. (Or sprout, or blossom, or flourish...) The collection of 12 new tools is made of durable, weather-resistant fabric and features cushioned, non-slip, ergonomically designed handles for comfort and safety. The teal adds a pop of Miss Stewart's signature color; it's a cheery reminder that even the most utilitarian objects can be pretty. Shown above: Loop Handle Bypass Pruner ($12.97), Transplanter with gradation marks to note depth ($5.97) and Weeder with a forked tip ($5.97). Visit The Home Depot for more info.