How Often Do You Really Dust?

How Often Do You Really Dust?

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 6, 2011

If I had to pin down one chore I could be better at doing, hands down, it would be dusting. It's not that I dislike it, the benefits from doing so are quite obvious, but truth be told, it's not that easy to remember to do when time is short. With lots of collections around my home, it always feels like a true chore and I know I should be better at it. So I'm curious, how often do you dust — come on, be honest!

Are you a dusting fanatic? It's one of the most simple ways to keep the sneezes down and the quality of air in your space a little more fresh, but somehow it has always seemed to be the most difficult chore to accomplish. Maybe that's because once you've tidied, it's easy to think things are clean because the clutter is gone, maybe it's because it seems like it shouldn't have to be done as often as it really does. Either way, I'm trying to learn good behaviors concerning dusting.

Small collections throughout our home always seem to make the chore more tedious than it really is. It's not a big deal to wipe down a table or entertainment center, but when you're talking about dusting off the bellows of a camera or the fingers between a vinyl toy, then things suddenly go from a 5 minute chore to a 50 minute project.

Are you a fan of dusting? How often does it get done in your own home?

Image: Flickr member Lifesupercharger licensed for use by Creative Commons

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