How Should I Organize This Closet?

How Should I Organize This Closet?

Gregory Han
Jan 5, 2010

Q: I just moved to an apartment with sliding closet doors, and I have only previously had walk-in closets. Right now it is organized by item (skirts, shirts, jackets, etc.) but I'm wondering if it is better to organize by "look", boutique style, or by frequency since I can really only view one side at a time.

I am used to being able to see everything at once and have starting grabbing clothes from the bed/ floor since they are easiest to spot. Not a good habit and I would like to be more efficient with this closet, but just cannot seem to make it work.

I have a toddler and getting myself dressed happens after getting her dressed, just moments before leaving. Any suggestions from the Apartment Therapy community would be much appreciated!

Sent by Hayley

Editor - Seems like Hayley needs our readers' advice in getting her closet in order and optimized. Any tips from folks with similar setups?

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