How Should I Paint My New Apartment?

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Q: I'm moving into a 1300 square foot loft in two weeks. It has a lot of weird qualities, and unfortunately some pretty ugly carpet. The tin ceiling has been painted a yellowy/orange color. And the brick walls have also been painted over hundreds of times. My landlord is letting me in early to paint the place however I want. He would prefer I leave the ceiling that color, but said I could paint it if it really bothered me.

I've been trying to work around it and think of a color for the walls. The longer walls, with the windows, are made of cement blocks. They have been painted white every year for about 8 years now. There is some water damage on them that keeps seeping through. The landlord said that a darker color may help. I plan on stripping the paint from the bricks at each end of the apartment. But that's as far as I've gotten with ideas. Please help!

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