How Should I Refinish These Vintage Dining Chairs?

How Should I Refinish These Vintage Dining Chairs?

Regina Yunghans
Nov 11, 2013
(Image credit: Lacey)

Q: I found this 19th century Louis Phillipe dining table and set of Gunlocke side chairs at the Roundtop Antiques show. I love them both individually, but I'm not crazy about them together. I love the bleached treatment on the walnut table, so I'm going to leave it as-is. The chairs are walnut too, but the finish is a little roughed up. Should I go light and bleach them as well (and reupholster the red vinyl with a creamy fabric/camel leather), or go super dark with an almost ebony stain (and then reupholster the backs in navy fabric)? FYI, our floors are espresso-colored oak, and we're not big fans of rugs under tables (we have a toddler).

(Image credit: Lacey)

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(Image: provided by Lacey)

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