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Q: I just recently purchased a king size west elm 2x2 bed frame. When I finally put it together, I could see that the pine slats and the outside frame were different heights (the pine slats sit about 1" lower). When I placed my mattress down, I noticed that there is a gap lengthwise where the mattress is shorter than the bed and you can see the pine slats (see photo below).
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Widthwise, my mattress does not fit only on the lowered slatted base area, but lays on top of the outside frame causing it to slightly bow up.

At first I thought something might be wrong with my mattress, but I measured and it is a standard size of 76"x80" (same as the mattresses sold from west elm). I measured the bed frame itself, which is 78"x85" (not the 78"x82" listed online). The inside slat area is only 72"x81".

After calling both the store and customer service, I received conflicting statements on how the mattress is supposed to fit. The online pictures are also not clear whether this is normal. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with this bed, and whether this fit could cause any damage to the mattress?

I would think this would be a bad design to have the slat area smaller than the mattress, unless maybe the slats are supposed to be higher up?

I would appreciate any feedback!

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