How They Do Small in Sweden:
Big Ideas from a Little Loft

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Europeans are good at everything. Or at least, that's how it seems when you work for a design blog and all the homes you see in Paris and London and Stockholm are beautiful and perfect and amazing. But there's one thing in particular that Europeans are especially good at: small spaces. For evidence, look no further than this diminuitive Swedish apartment, which packs a lot of living into a little space.

Above: open shelving lends an airy feel to a small kitchen. To cut down on visual clutter, only simple, matching pieces are displayed on the shelves; everything else gets tucked into the cabinets below, where lots of drawers make everything easy to access. Small appliances preserve space, and a deep, single-basin sink is practical for washing dishes, without taking up a lot of room.

I love that the wall separating the kitchen from the living room has a great big window in it The kitchen gets to be its own room (and grease and grime are confined) but the window gives the whole space an open feel.

The bathroom in the apartment is tucked under the stairs — you can see it on the floor plan of the space at the bottom of the page here. It's a 'wet room' style, meaning that (kind of like the bathroom on a train) there is no shower enclosure, and everything in the room is designed to withstand water. (Towels can go in cabinets when the place isn't being styled for a photo shoot.)

Upstairs in the short hallway leading to the bedroom is another clever solution... a full-height wall of shelves, which makes the hallway do double duty as hall and walk-in closet. The whole place has an openness and a livability that belies its small footprint. Those clever Europeans.

And the whole place is for sale! If you'd like a vacation getaway in Stockholm (or if you'd just like to dream), you can see more photos, and a floor plan, of the apartment on Fantastic Frank.

I originally spotted this charming little place on My Scandinavian Home (who in turn found it via Huslighter). The apartment's unique style is the work of Louise Ljungberg, who has lived there for the past seven years. If you like what you see, you can find more design goodies and learn more about her on her tumblr.

Re-edited from a post originally published 1.10.14-NT

(Image credits: Fantastic Frank)