How To: Paint a Tree Mural

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Graphic DIY. As with most painting tasks, it's all about prep. Reader Telmen from the Netherlands, sent us his own How To, documenting his approach to painting a tree on a wall of his home. After looking for some images of trees on the internet for inspiration...

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Step 1: First, I made a rough, tree-shaped silhouette with masking tape on my wall.

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Step 2: Then I drew a tree on the tape. After the initial drawing, I used a dark marker to exemplify the lines I wanted to use.

Step 3: Then I used a stanley knife (X-acto) to cut out the image of the tree, leaving bare wall where the paint would adhere. (A giant stencil.)

Step 4: I used newspaper to protect my walls from the paint.

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Step 5: I painted the tree shape with white primer to better accept colored paint.

Step 6: I used a brush to paint the tree black, but afterwards I thought a paint marker would have worked better. At first I wanted a color transition from black-red, but the red
didin't come out good. So I painted the whole damn thing black.

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Then you let it dry for like ten hours, and voila, your stenciled graffiti-tree is finally finished!

Thanks Telmen!

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