Getting Rid of Ants

Getting Rid of Ants

Jun 9, 2008

We were typing away this morning and twice, out of nowhere, we suddenly found an ant crawling on us. We're so glad it was just a single ant. (Well, two single ants.) Last year we had several instances where we were completely overwhelmed with ants, but since then we've tried a lot of things that didn't work, and a few that did...

...Knock on wood, that is. We hope those two weren't just scout ants paving the way for the rest of their friends.

• We trimmed back vines that were touching our house.
• We wash dishes right away.
• We keep all food (except fruit that shouldn't be refrigerated) in our fridge. Even dry dog food.
• We wipe up spilled water after our dog drinks from the water dish.
• We have an AntPro Bait Station Kit.
• And yes, we hate to admit it, but we do have toxic ant stakes in the ground around our cottage (the shame, the shame!).

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