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Adriane's February Jumpstart Project 2009


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Title: Charming A Bedroom
Name: Adriane
Time: 1 day
Cost: $25

Adriane used contact paper to give her bedroom walls some architectural detail-type panache. She created frames and a headboard like pattern which includes a monogram of her and her husband's initials. Click above for the pics and jump below for the how-to. Give Adriane a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....

White Con-Tact brand covering
small sharp knife
small square mirror for the monogram
photo paper for the monogram
double-sided adhesive tape for the mirror

I recently moved in to a new apartment. My bedroom was dull. The furniture I got by inheritance and I love it, but it was getting all too heavy. I decided to repaint the room with a very light blue, kind of gray, but that didn´t change the room much. I then decided to make very narrow frames in white Con-Tact, that I cut with a knife, with a thickness of 1.0 cm. I have a "good eye", so I only used a simple ruler to mark the position of each frame on the walls. The white stripes naturally glow with daylight and look very delicate. Behind the bed I printed a monogram with my husband´s letter and mine. An "A" from Adriane and an "F" from Flavio. I placed the monogram over a square mirror (20.0 cm x 20.0 cm), and placed the mirror in the middle of the "head of the bed". I loved the result!!

The materials I used are very simple, cheap and easy to find.

Give Adriane a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....


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