How to Add Some Cute Personality to Your Workspace

How to Add Some Cute Personality to Your Workspace

Julienne Lin
Jun 20, 2011

After a few months have gone by, we like to switch things up in our workspace and redecorate the items on our desk for a fresh look. Sometimes this just means switching out a print or even better, adding a new tech accessory. If you're looking for ways to dress up your workspace a bit, here are our favorite desk accessories to browse through after the jump.

Wood Whale Desk Organizer ($60): I am in love with this desk organizer. So charming and made of wood, this little whale will hold your pens, pencils, notebook and your phone.

Uglydoll Vinyl Toy ($10): I can't get enough vinyl toys on my desk but it becomes a little overwhelming when they start to look like an army, so I switch them out once in awhile. This season I'm getting back into Uglydolls.

White Work Lamp ($24.99): This classic white lamp is simple enough to go with any workspace. Adjust the arm to direct the light as you please, it's a nice minimal but functional accessory.

Numbers LED Clock ($100): Arrange these LED blocks how you like, each number can be changed based on its arrangement to tell the time.

The Nest Tablet Stand or Valet ($14.95): Not only does this stand hold your iPad easily at two different angles, it also functions as a holding space for personal accessories - like keys.

ARIKUI Speakers (10,290 yen): These anteater shaped speakers are a favorite of mine because it uses the wire and turns it into part of the product's design. Who wouldn't want their music playing out of a cute anteater?

Zeitgeist Wood Desktop Stand (31,500 yen): A truly beautiful stand in both design and material, this wood desktop stand by Japanese designer Zeitgeist is a good replacement for your regular plastic stand.

Flexible DINO Lamp ($190): Made of felt, these lamps can be adjusted to an angle that suits you. The bucket portion of the lamp holds all your desk supplies.

Florafil (Price N/A): This is the prettiest way to hide wires I've ever come across. I'd decorate my whole room with these and am looking forward to them becoming available some day.

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