How To: Add Color to Your Home Over White Wine

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Don't try this at work. Well, after we painted the floors red, we got so happy with the color that we decided to do one wall with color as well. But we couldn't decide which to use, a strong orange or a soft parchment was a big debate.

So, over white wine on Saturday night we decided to do both. Taking the Orange (BM Mandarin Orange) and slowly mixing it down with white in different buckets, three of us took turns at the wall painting irregular patches and letting them slowly merge...

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It was A LOT of fun. It is also not done. Waking up on Sunday morning, all of us agreed that we liked it, but that we needed to make it softer by adding colors and then washing over the whole thing in a translucent white wash. But we were out of time, so it will have to wait until next weekend...and more wine.

(ReEdited from 2004-05-10 - MGR)

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