How To: Alphabet Beanbags

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A great way to introduce young children to the alphabet (or remind new learners before school starts up again) is to make it fun and make it tactile. We came across this tutorial for making easy alphabet beanbags and could think of lots of fun, educational games you could use them for.

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This project and tutorial come from Ashley who made beanbags to spell her daughter Sienna's name (what kid is not interested in their name?). She walks you through making them on her blog Lil Blue Boo where you'll find tons of crafty inspiration, more tutorials and links to her shops.

Using letter beanbags to teach a child to spell their name will get you started. Ashley and Sienna also made up a game, "bean bag horseshoes," where they toss the beanbags close to a target. For older children you could teach them vowels and consonants (or upper and lower case) by tossing them into labeled, empty coffee cans or tupperware. What games can you think of?

(Via Craft Gossip. Photos by Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo)

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