How To Arrange Living Room with Lots of Windows?

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Q: I am moving into a new apartment which has both a fireplace and tons of windows (a feature that I love.) I am a little stuck, however, as because of the amount of windows and the fireplace, the only stretch large enough for my Ikea 5 x 5 EXPEDIT bookcase which houses both my large book collection as well as my TV, is directly across from the fireplace, which is where it seems natural to place the couch. I don't want to give up the EXPEDIT and yet I don't know how to make it work.

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Attached is a picture of the living room. Directly across from the fireplace is the largest exspanse of unbroken wall and the front door to one side. The fourth wall hosts a closet door and the entrance to the dining room, not leaving enough room for the EXPEDIT.
Any suggestions on arrangement?

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