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Q: I am about to move into this super cool apartment, and I am not quite sure on how to arrange everything in this one room. The room is large; 373 square feet with 2 large windows. It also has a high 12 foot ceiling. The kitchen is separate, so what I need to do in this room is: sleep, work, live.

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I am self-employed and design and sew bags. I have a pretty large working desk and need plenty of shelf space, also because I have tons of books. I also have a Karlstad bed sofa, a queen sized bed and will have to buy a lot of shelves. I was thinking about putting the bed in the right corner and adding some shelves in front of it in order to create a "bedroom" in the room, but I am not sure about that. If you've got any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them! Thanks!

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