How To Assemble A Postcard Kit For Kids

How To Assemble A Postcard Kit For Kids

Tess Wilson
Aug 7, 2012

Next month I'll be taking a journey with a young friend, and I thought a postcard kit would be the perfect way to preserve memories, say hi to little friends back home, and fill in the down-time. Somehow, I got it into my head that Moleskine makes a postcard notebook- they don't, but once again I learned that it's always better to do-it-yourself.

I'd also forgotten how expensive Moleskine products are. They're well-made, but just the little 4"x6" size notebooks are $13+. This entire project (not including stamps) came to $13, and was far more fun & satisfying to put together than buying something ready-made- and it suits the recipient much better, I think. Here's what I used:

  • 4"x6" watercolor postcard pad

  • 4"x6" darling miniature document folder

  • sheet of cardstock to match the chartreuse string closure

  • watercolor pencil

  • recycled regular pencil

  • rainbow pencil

  • the world's tiniest pack of colored pencils

  • pack of postcard stamps

I cut the cardstock to fit the front of the postcard pad (I bought an 8"x10" sheet so I'd have two chances to get it right...which I needed), wrote "POST" in big letters (I wish I had cooler handwriting!), and affixed the card to the front of the pad with double-stick tape. Then I threw in the pencils and stamps, and there you go! A tiny, durable correspondence pack, perfect to throw in my purse or his bookbag. The kit is small enough to break out at restaurants, and can quickly be reassembled and stashed away when things get exciting. I bought all my supplies at FLAX Art & Design in San Francisco, but they're all pretty basic and should be easy to find. My favorite part is that this kit is so customizable. The recipient of this particular kit loves green and nature, so that dictated my color choices and stamp-style, but this could be designed in all different ways.

But my very favorite part is envisioning all the adorable cards soon to be drawn and sent and saved forever!

(Images: Tess Wilson)

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