How To Avoid "Painter's Shoulder"

How To Avoid "Painter's Shoulder"

Tess Wilson
Jun 19, 2014

It came as a major blow to my ego that despite twice-weekly yoga sessions and thrice-weekly weightlifting, my left shoulder was defeated by my recent dabbling in wall painting. All this pain, just from painting! Granted, it was 8 solid hours of painting, a few days each week...

Still, one doesn't like to think that a low-impact activity can do such damage to one's relatively young and decently strong body. And yet — it did, and my left shoulder hasn't felt right for weeks. After the initial pain, I've done my best to switch it up and paint with my right hand, but all of the detailed trim/edge work has to be done with my left. Even with the reduced workload, my left shoulder is still infuriated with me and I've had to take two weeks off from lifting weights, which infuriates me. What can you learn from my mistake?

Have you ever experienced shoulder pain — or any other pain — after painting a whole house? Any other renovation-related injury tales to tell?

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