Customizing Desktop Icons for Mac Users

Customizing Desktop Icons for Mac Users

Mike Cave
Oct 10, 2011

The last entry we did on customizing desktops focused on places to find icons, but once you have them what do you do? Here are some tricks and software to use to complete the transformation of your new sweet desktop.

Mac: If you wanted to change every icon individually on a mac, you could simply follow what Apple has to say on the subject but that can get rather tedious. If you change your tastes a lot, you'd have to go through the process over and over. Don't bother, there's a better way:

Icon Lite: This free software does all the basics for you. Simply tell it what icons in it's library that you'd like to change and it does it for you. It's simple and easy yet basic and probably is the best idea for the beginner.

CandyBar: This is probably the most complete option for mac users but it will set you back $29. It will not only change your icons like Icon Lite, but it also shows you all the application icons that are available for changing. This software acts like an icon library and makes keeping track of your assets a breeze. As a bonus it also customizes your dock!

Check back soon for the Windows Edition!

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