How To: Childproof Table Legs

How To: Childproof Table Legs

Sep 26, 2006

When we put together our baby's changing table (oh so cleverly out of Metro shelves, as featured here), it didn't occur to us that the rounded industrial chrome legs would become prime head bumping territory.

But when she started to cruise a few weeks ago it became obvious: we needed bumpers on any piece of furniture she'd be tempted to climb. And Metro shelves, with their myriad hand holds for tiny fingers, are a baby climbing bonanza.

You can buy bumpers for coffee tables, but no one sells bumpers for furniture legs. So we decided to use what was at hand: baby socks.

We might have accomplished the same thing with yarn: thickly- and loosely-knit into a very long leg warmer, one for each table leg. But we don't have time to knit.

As it was, we needed 40 pairs of size 0-3 month socks to create good padding. And while that sounds like a lot, you'd be surprised how cheaply you can buy baby socks on eBay! We spent about $14 on this project. Plan on about one sock per inch of leg.

Once you wrangle the socks, snip (just) the tippy toes off, turn any sweat socks inside out so that the soft terry faces out, and thread them all onto your table legs in a random or regular color pattern. Pack them tight so that they don't slide around. And then let the baby loose!

Our daughter now loves to play in this soft, ice-cream-cone-colorful, texturally-interesting area, and we can let her do so without worrying about falls, tears, howls, or bumps.

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