How To Clean a Window

If you know a few simple tricks, cleaning a window without leaving behind streaks and dirt can be easy. With the right tools and technique you can achieve professional looking results.

Just follow these tips for a clear and clean streak free window:

Cleaning Solution: Window cleaning solution should be vinegar or ammonia based. Don't use a bleach-based solution or bathroom cleaner!

Green Cleaning Solution: Combine 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice with 1 quart of water.

Pre-Wash: Neglected windows will be coated with a thick layer of dirt and grime. It's best to do a cursory wipe down so you can get a deep clean on your second round.

Use a Squeegee: No other cleaning tool can give you streak-free results.

Clean Scrubber: Make sure your scrubber and squeegee are clean. It doesn't make much sense to clean with dirty tools! Don't forget to wipe your squeegee between strokes. You don't want to leave dirt behind. Also, a wet blade will leave streak marks.

Don't Wash in the Sun: Don't wash windows in direct sunlight because the sun can overheat glass and cause streaking.

Overlap Strokes: By at least an inch and angle the squeegee so the dirty water doesn't drip into the area that is clean and dry.

Wipe the Edges: It's almost impossible to avoid streak marks at the edge of the window pane, so when you're done wipe down the edges of the pane with a clean cloth.

If you have any window cleaning tips, please share with the Apartment Therapy Community!

Image: All You