How To Clean and De-Fog Bathroom Mirrors, Toxin-Free

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We often sing the praises of vinegar as a non-toxic household cleaner here at Apartment Therapy. In this how-to we use it once again for cleaning plus one: as an anti-fog solution on bathroom mirrors.

What You Need

quart of room-temperature water with 2 tbsp vinegar, in a bowl
quart of hot water with 2 tbsp vinegar, in a second bowl
two lint-free cleaning cloths


1. Clean the mirror with the room temperature mixture. Dip one of the cloths into the bowl, squeeze excess, and wipe over mirror surface.

2. Dry thoroughly with dry cloth until streak-free. If you just want to wash your mirror, you're done.

3. For an anti-fog treatment, now dip a cloth into the bowl of hot water mixture. Wring out excess.

4. Wipe over the area of mirror you want defogged. We just do this from shoulder height up to face height.

5. Let it dry - don't wipe with a cloth or you'll wipe away your homemade "defogger".

6. Repeat as part of your regular cleaning regimen. The anti-fog effect isn't permanent, but should last a couple of weeks.

Additional Notes: Be sure to clean the mirror before applying the anti-fog hot water and vinegar. We did the cleaning with a vinegar mixture, but that isn't necessary for this to work. You could clean your mirrors with another cleaning product then follow up with the hot water mixture afterward.

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(Images: Regina Yunghans / Apartment Therapy)

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