How To Clean Apple's Mighty Mouse without Disassembly

How To Clean Apple's Mighty Mouse without Disassembly

Trent Johnson
Feb 10, 2010

Nothing's more frustrating than not being able to use the scroll wheel on Apple's Mighty Mouse (now just the Apple Mouse). While Apple recommends a lint-free cloth and water, it doesn't work in many cases, so here are two options that don't require disassembly.

Option #1: Using Paper


  • A clean Sheet of Paper

1. Create the Cleaning Surface
After unplugging your mouse or removing the batteries (just in case), place the sheet of paper on a cushioned surface (such as a book).

2. Clean the Ball
Hold your mouse upside down and drag the ball with slight pressure (still letting it rotate) across the paper. You'll see the gunk come off as you do this. Once residue ceases to come off the ball, it should work better.

Additional notes: This removes some grit and grime, but in my experience the roller ball still does not function at 100%.

Option #2: Using Tape


  • High quality Scotch Tape
  • Utility knife or scissors

1. Cut the Tape
Cut a 3" piece of clear scotch tape to about 1/8" in width with a utility knife.