How To Clean the Microwave

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We've been saving up the month's splatters for this how-to, letting our microwave interior go wild. That's Super Bowl Sunday cheese dip you see there. And run-over oatmeal on the revolving platter. Sorry to share such a scary shot with you here, but it's an effective way to illustrate this easy-peasy technique for cleaning microwaves.

What You Need

dish cloth
oven mitt



1. Fill a mug with water and place in the microwave.

2. Set for 5 minutes on high heat. Start microwave.

3. Remove mug of hot water (use a mitt, as the mug will be hot!).

4. Remove the revolving tray, shut the door to keep the steam in, and wash the tray right away in the sink.

5. Open the door and wipe away the splatters from the microwave interior with a soapy wet dish cloth. Don't forget the interior of the door.

6. Replace the revolving tray in the microwave and you're set.

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(Images: Regina Yunghans / Apartment Therapy)

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