How To: Clean your Keyboard

Warning: Stop reading if you're eating breakfast. A new study has found that your keyboard may be five times as filthy as a toilet seat. Yes, you could be typing away on the equivalent of butt germs! [via Treehugger]

A microbiologist swabbed keyboards in a typical London office and found 150 times the recommended limit of bacteria. The main culprit: eating at your desk. After the jump, five ways to clean-up...

1. Simply turn your keyboard upside down and shake. You'll be surprised at what comes out.

2. With the keyboard turned over, use compressed air to blow the gunk out.

3. Use your vacuum's hose to suck the stuff out.

4. For harder to remove pieces of last week's sandwich, slide a 2 1/2-inch strip of adhesive tape between the rows of your keyboard. The sticky side will pick up loose dust and crumbs. [via Real Simple]

5. And finally, for that crap that's wedged way in there you'll have to laboriously remove your keys one by one. Remember to take a digital photo of the keyboard before so you can remember the layout. Or you can print out a photo or illustration of a standard keyboard to use as reference.

Using a butter knife, gently wedge each key upward until it clicks free. The space bar, Shift, Return and Enter keys,are probably attached to a secondary metal or plastic support so leave those in and vacuum around them after you've gotten the rest of the keys out.

Dump the keys in a bucket with water and dish soap. Let sit while you tend to the board.

Vacuum the board and use an alcohol swabbed paper towel to clean sticky residue. Turn back to your keys and wipe them clean with a towel. Let both the board and keys air dry overnight.

Photo: Ideastorm