How to Combine an Office with a Living Room?

How to Combine an Office with a Living Room?

Regina Yunghans
Aug 19, 2014
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Q: I am about to move into a 2-bedroom with my boyfriend and our toddler (we are currently squished in a 1-bedroom with the baby). While we're happy to gain an extra bedroom and bathroom for the little one, we are losing a much-needed office area.

(Image credit: MissChristina)

Both my boyfriend and I occasionally work from home, so we both have large computers (he needs 2 monitors), a shared printer, various office supplies, and files. Currently, our living room is rectangular, so our office area is behind a 3-piece sectional sofa. Both of our computers are on a large work table, with enough room on the side for a dresser to hold our office supplies, files, and the printer. In the new apartment, the living room is square, so we can't redo our current configuration. Plus, there's a door that leads to a terrace. Logically, it seems we should replace our sectional with a smaller sofa, so our office area can be wedged behind the couch. But that doesn't seem like the ideal solution, and I wondered if there are other ideas to try before swapping out the sectional? Please see the attached pic for the floor plan. The new living room will be 17X17.5 square feet.

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