How To Contend with Green Carpet?

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Q: I am renting a house with green rugs in almost every room. I keep rationalizing that it's just a rental but it bugs me and I'm convinced it brings down my mood at times. So I need a cost effective temporary solution. I already asked my landlord for a change but that conversation was a non-starter ... either prior tenants did a number on the last rug or some other good reason:

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I'm not sure about getting carpet surplus from such a store and laying that over. I've thought of getting light (e.g. beige-coloured) rugs but can't seem to find something cost effective because the space is large - living room and dining room.

Living room and dining room are about 35 feet long and 10-16 feet wide (so, it's not a perfect rectangle). I tried getting slip-on couch covers but the ones I got were always getting disheveled looking so I took them off.

Any cost effective solutions will be welcome. If my only alternative is to change my furniture, window treatments etc, then I'm open to considering those options. Thanks much!

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